International Museum Day Walk- Revealing Art and Antiquities- At the Allahabad Museum

The International Museum Day falls on 18th May 2018 and to celebrate it let us go indoors. It will be an eye-opening experience for everyone at the Allahabad Museum, which is located in the scenic Chandra Shekhar Park aka Alfred Park or the Company Bagh. Supported by the country’s Ministry of Culture, the museum shares its rich collection with warmth and pride.

The Allahabad Museum has a rich and diverse collection of art, antiquities, paintings, sculptures, coins, ceramics, archaeological objects, illustrated manuscripts, farmans, decorative art objects, arm and armours, textiles, natural history specimens and photographs. It also has personalia collections of Gandhi, Nehru and literary personalities like Sumitra Nandan Pant, Suryakant Tripathi “Nirala”, Premchand, Mahadevi Verma and so on.

We will walk through the museum and also benefit from the interactions with experts at the museum.

Date: 20th May

Meeting Point: Allahabad Museum Gate

Duration: 11.00 am to 1.00 pm

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