A Walk at the Red Fort and Drishyakala Museum

Submitted by Aastha on Fri, 05/17/2019 - 17:01

Session 1: Tactile exploration of the Red Fort, listening to stories of Mughal Women
The Mughal world narrates stories of powerful women along with their male counterparts, but the
harem still remains a place of wonderment and secrecy. The thick curtains that surrounded the
harem were never drawn even when the women inside made continuous efforts to break free of
the shackles that bound them. The royal zenana was a place resided by queens, princesses,
princes and slave girls. This walk will take you back to the time of political manoeuvring and well-
kept love stories, inside the veiled Mughal harem.

Session 2: Exploring the Tactile Galleries at Drishyakala Museum, Red Fort
Delhi Art Gallery has recently opened a new museum called the Drishyakala Museum inside the
Red Fort, which exhibits various eras of art in India. It also boasts 3 tactile galleries that have
representations of India's tangible monuments, portraits and their materials, and a lot of tactual art
pieces created by DAG. This session would be an exploration of the tactile exhibits present at the

This guided tour is specially curated for women from NAB, Centre for Women, Hauz Khas.

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Delhi Gate, Red Fort
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09:15 am